Be the change

Advoactes gather for a group shot during th 2017 state legislative session

Your voice, your perspective, your ideas can make a difference.

At The Arc of King County, we teach civic engagement and leadership skills and connect people to opportunities so they can be the change they want to see.

We specialize in civil rights activism, grassroots advocacy, and policy leadership.

Our approach

We use a steps-to-inclusion framework, helping people move from being concerned about something, to being able to assess who to contact, what to ask for and how to influence. This involves a mix of workshops and interactive classes, and ongoing issue education through social media and workshops.

If you want to influence, you need to understand what is going on and feel confidant using your voice.

Our programs

Community Change Champions – A peer support group for activists. Led by and for people with developmental disabilities.

King County Parent and Family Coalition - a grassroots group grounded in learning and leadership around issues that affect people with developmental disabilities

Steps to Inclusion – a project-based learning experience that moves people from having a concern and being present, to participating, to meaningful engagement, to giving back, and finally to seeing and acting on your potential.