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Disability is Diversity Series

The Arc of King County offers “Disability Is Diversity” trainings and can modify content to groups of all sizes either virtually or in-person with reasonable advanced notice. to groups of all sizes either virtually or in-person with reasonable advanced notice.

We provide this training to non-profits and government entities in King County for free. We additionally provide training at a fee to for-profit companies and non-profits located outside of King County, Washington. Please see below for the options!

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1. Disability is Diversity ($700): Disability is a form of diversity so often left out of equity and social justice conversations. Join us as we explore how biases impact our words and the way we treat people with disabilities. If you have a disability, or know, love and work with people with disabilities, you don't want to miss this critical conversation.

Topics include: 

  • Disability Rights is Civil Rights
  • Respectful Language
  • The Different Forms of Disability 
  • The Models of Disability 

Available Spanish

2. Effective Communication with People who have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities ($700): Effective Communication is critical when working with people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Knowing what practices and strategies are effective makes the difference between true inclusion or segregated practices. This training covers the basics of what developmental disabilities are, as well as how to interact with people with ID/DD on an individual level. 

Topics include: 

  • Respectful Language 
  • Models of Disability
  • Quickly Recognizing DD
  • General Characteristics of DD
  • Strategies for Effective Communication

3. Both options #1 and #2 ($1200)

4. Practical Skills to Include Everyone by the Haring Center: Participants will gain hands-on skills to deliver inclusive programs. Topics include Universal Design for Learning and multi-tiered systems of support, tips for modifying curriculum and activities, setting up your environment for success, and effective communication strategies. Trainers are professional educators from the Haring Center, teachers, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. To schedule this training contact Julie Ashmun at .