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IEP Parent Partner Program

Launching in January, 2018, our IEP Parent Partner Program connects trained and experienced IEP Parent Partners with parents and guardians needing support to navigate the special education system. It is the goal of this program to foster an atmosphere of family and professional collaboration in special education throughout King County, and to empower parents and guardians with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively advocate and meaningfully engage with their child’s education.

With our new IEP Parent Partner Program you can:

  • Ask general questions related to Special Education, the IEP process, conflict resolution, resource referral and more
  • Consult with an IEP Parent Partner for more in depth explanation and discussion related to the IEP and Special Education process
  • Work closely with an IEP Parent Partner in preparing, executing and debriefing after an IEP or other school meeting
  • Receive emotional and informational support from an IEP Parent Partner as you work through a particular conflict or concern with the school district

Please note the following:

  •  An IEP Parent Partner is a volunteer position. Partners are not staff members, professional advocates or lawyers. They are available to help a parent or guardian become more empowered and informed, but not to speak on their behalf or offer legal advice. Partners may determine that the family needs more support that can be provided by this volunteer program. In such cases, the family and The Arc of King County will be notified.
  • We ask for a one month advance notice and require a minimum of 2 weeks when requesting an IEP Parent Partner attend a school meeting with you. We cannot guarantee we can find an IEP Parent Partner to attend your meeting, but will do our best to find a match as soon as possible.
  • Due to the high demand and limited resources, only one IEP Partner Parent will be assigned per child, per school year. Partners have volunteered to attend 1-2 school meetings with a family. Additional meetings will be considered on a case by case basis. Please consider carefully how and when it would be best to request a Partner.
  •  Make the most of your time with your Partner. Please prepare for all consultations with your IEP Parent Partner by outlining your concerns, priorities, and where you feel you need the most help prior to the conversation.
  • There is no cost for parents/guardians to participate in this program.
  • If you are interested in becoming an IEP Parent Partner, and helping other parents in your area, please contact Rachel Nemhauser or 206-829-7046.

To ask questions related to Special Education, or to find out if an IEP Parent Partner is right for you, contact Rachel Nemhauser, Director of Information and Family Support, at 206.829.7046 or

IEP Parent Partner Program Intake and Request Form

Please complete this form to help us understand your family’s needs and identify appropriate support that our IEP Parent Partner Program can provide. 

Requests for an IEP Parent Partner must be made two weeks before the school meeting for which the family seeks support. 

The Arc of King County’s IEP Parent Partner Program can only support families in King County School Districts.

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