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Could I Be Autistic?

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
6:00 pm7:30 pm

Have you felt different from other people your entire life? Did learning about autism seem to explain a lot about you? Led by two autistic professionals, the UW Autism Center's Dr. Lucas Harrington and The Arc of King County's Zack Siddeek, this webinar will help you consider the pros and cons of seeking a formal autism evaluation and then provide strategies and resources you can use without an official diagnosis.
Course Objectives:

Discover different ways to think about autism, from the community's self-description to the way it is defined in the diagnostic manual
•Learn about possible benefits of and barriers to pursuing a formal autism evaluation
•Become aware of resources and strategies that can help participants without an official diagnosis of autism
Who should attend:Teenagers or adults who have self-diagnosed as autistic or wonder if they are autistic
Content level: Introductory
Instructors: Lucas Harrington, PsyD, and Zack Siddeek, MSW

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$30 (suggested donation)