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PFP Offers Sensory Relaxed Performance of She Devil of the China Seas

Sunday, August 21, 2022
2:00 pm3:00 pm
Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle, WA)

Pork Filled Productions is pleased to announce that the August 21st performance of She Devil of the China Seas at 2 pm in association with and at the Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave. S., Seattle, WA) will be its very first sensory relaxed performance.
A sensory-friendly, relaxed performance enables children and people with sensory sensitivities as a part of autism and/or sensory-processing disorders to experience theatre with relaxed theater rules, such as the house lights staying on, theater doors remaining open, and a designated “quiet zone,” and more, to allow for increased comfort.
"Pork-Filled Productions is always striving to increase equity and access to theatre for all people,” says Roger Tang, PFP Executive Director and playwright for She Devil. “Because of the nature of the story (it’s pirates!), She Devil is an intense show with sword fighting, suspense and intrigue, with a large cast playing multiple roles.
“While the swashbuckling and piracy will still be present, we hope that offering a performance with the house lights on at a low level, changes to some sound and lightning effects to decrease intensity, and an audience content guide will increase access for some patrons who otherwise might not be able to come."
What Does a Sensory-Relaxed Performance Entail?
Sensory elements, such as music volume, sound and lighting effects, are modulated, and the use of tablets/smartphones, fidget toys, and movement in the audience are permitted.
A “social narrative” is available prior to the show so that audience members can familiarize themselves with the elements of the performance, know what to expect, and increase their comfort level with a new situation.


Tickets for this sensory relaxed performance, as well as all others, are at For more information on the show, go to or email
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PFP’s season is supported by 4Culture, ArtsWA, the Morgan Fund at the Seattle Foundation and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.
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