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Finding Light in the Darkness

Thursday, May 26, 2022
9:00 am10:00 am

In this 2-hour class you will explore the process involved in grief and mourning: why we grieve, the influence of societal and cultural norms, emotional and biological purposes they serve, as well as the dangers of repression of grief and getting 'stuck' in it. For most, grief is a personal imperative, moral obligation, and social responsibility. It is also a natural human response to a life transition or significant loss.
People often experience conflicting emotions related to a loss including relief, guilt, anger, heartbreak, and more. Grief can also include a recognition of one's own mortality. When we grieve, we are mourning the loss of not only that 'other' which was dear to us, but also a part of 'us' that will never be again. When we understand this aspect of grief it allows us to move forward through the process in a heathy and integrated way.
At the end of this 2-hour training students will be able to articulate:
• Examples of Social and Cultural Norms Associated with Grief and Mourning
• Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional Symptoms of Grief
• Impacts of Repressing or Getting 'Stuck' in Grief
• Strategies and for best practices in response to grief and loss within the individual, family, and organizational

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May 26, 2022:
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