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The Future Looks Bright

Saturday, October 16, 2021
12:00 pm2:00 pm

The Arc of King County presents a virtual future-planning presentation and discussion for adults with developmental disabilities, their parents and siblings.
For questions, to request language interpretation and accommodations or to RSVP :

(Image description: The flyer is orange with yellow and white texts. Also, it is divided by into six square and three of them have pictures. The second square has a photo of a mom and daughter and the daughter is sitting toward her mom on grass. Behind of them is a big tree. The mom is wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a gold necklace and has black long hair. The daughter is wearing a blue t-shirt and has black curly hair which is tied with a red hair band. The fourth square has a picture of a guy with short blond hair and has his hands together in front of him. He is wearing a opened red and black checkers shirt with a black shirt inside. He is outdoor and white fences and red flowers are behind of him. The sixth square is a photo of two men with short black hair. The guy on left is wearing a blue and white pattered buttoned shirt. Another guy on right is wearing a white sleeveless shirt and has facial hair, indicates the hair on his chin and cheeks. Behind of them is a sand color wall with some decorations.)