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UW Autism Symposium

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
9:00 am3:30 pm

The University of Washington Autism Center is excited to present the 6th Annual UW Autism Symposium FREE to educators across Washington state. The symposium will be presented as an online webinar this year. The same topics will be presented on two different days. Please sign up for only one day.

Join this to learn about the following!

Sex Education and Autism Across the Lifespan
Sex education is more than just the birds and bees! In this training, educators of all ages will learn about current practices in sex education and how they can meaningfully participate in teaching their students body ownership, body boundaries, and healthy relationships. Participants will be introduced to simple, practical strategies that can be incorporated into any classroom.

Objectives: Participants will (1) understand the current practices for sex education for individuals with ASD and how sex education is changing for individuals with ASD, (2) increase their understanding of why sex education is necessary across the life span, especially for individuals with ASD and (3) increase will learn strategies to talk with individuals with ASD about sex education across the life span.

Be There for Others - The Importance of Self-Care
Caring for others is often an inherent part of what we do as parents, educators, and members of a larger community. To be a consistent source of support for others, you need to regularly care for yourself. This training will help you to identify effective ways to establish, prioritize, and maintain good self-care. We will review why self-care is so important, common barriers which prevent consistent self-care, and introduce simple strategies to build good self-care habits.

Objectives: Participants will (1) understand the importance of self-care and the role this plays in their health, productivity, and availability to others, (2) learn more about common barriers to self-care including unique factors associated with caring for Individuals with ASD and (3) be provided local resources and specific strategies to develop and maintain good self-care routines.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work! Practical Strategies for Working as a Team
Working as a team is rewarding and fun, but not without its challenges. In this training, participants will learn the fundamentals of effective team dynamics. This training will teach participants how to set up team dynamics and continue to motivate all team members to work toward a shared goal. Whether you are a team leader or team member, this training is sure to provide you with practical strategies that can be translated into action immediately!

Objectives: Participants will (1) learn the fundamentals of effective team dynamics, (2) increase their understanding of team members roles and responsibilities and (3) learn practical strategies to improve team performance.

Talking about Autism with Children and Teens
Autism doesn't have to be an intimidating word--in fact, this unique brain wiring can be a source of pride and belonging. Autistic people benefit both from understanding themselves and being understood by their peers. But many adults do not yet have the knowledge and experience they need to talk comfortably about disability with children and teenagers. In this training by an autistic psychologist, professionals will learn strategies to present an empowering view of autism without sugarcoating the challenges.

Objectives: Participants will (1) gain a balanced, empowering view of autism as well as disability in general, (2) understand the benefits of discussing autism openly while also respecting students' privacy needs and (3) learn practical strategies,analogies, and resources for educating autistic children and their peers about the condition.

Who should attend: Educators and school personnel working with students with ASD across all grade levels

Presenters: Natasha Lewis Harrington, PsyD, Kathryn Holley, MEd, BCBA, Patricia Matestic, PhD, Ashley Penney, PhD, BCBA-D and Robin Talley, MEd, BCBA

Cost: Free

Clock Hours: Washington State approved clock hours (5 hours max) for certificated school staff are available for an additional fee ($15.00 total). Instructions for applying for clock hours will be emailed to participants after the symposium.

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