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Inclusion Matters! HB 1802

HB 1802 - Increasing access and representation in policy-making processes for individuals with disabilities

Sponsors: Pollet (46th), Frame (36th), Wicks, Paul, Bateman, Callan (5th), Davis (32nd), Goodman (45th), Leavitt, Taylor (30th), Macri (43rd), Peterson, Ramel, Ryu (32nd), Orwall (33rd), Wylie, Simmons, Valdez (46th), Walen (48th), Dolan, Stonier, Ortiz-Self, Riccelli, Harris-Talley (37th), Kloba (1st)

Why this bill? People with disabilities want to be included when decisions are made about them.

  • Note: A similar bill was introduced at the end of the 2021 General Session. Advocates met to discuss during the interim and requested improvements.

Area: Civil rights

Action: If you support, ask your legislators to support this bill. If they are a co-sponsor, thank them!

Feedback from first public hearing:

Some parents testified that they felt the language did not allow for "co-advocates." Advocates for the bill responded that there is nothing in this legislation that prevents family members from joining work groups and nothing that prevents individuals from requesting accommodations. This legislation is still subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Washington Law Against Discrimination. So, if someone wanted a family member to support them and co-advocate with them, they could request that accommodation. Or, if a person with a disability wasn't interested in serving on a committee but a family member was, the family member could apply on their own behalf. This bill is not about defining who cannot be on a committee or work group, it is about ensuring those with disabilities are consulted and included, along with other voices.


Who supports:

There are 17 legislative districts (LDs) that cover parts of King County. So far, legislators from 9 have signed on in support.

  • 1st LD (N King County) – Rep. Kloba
  • 5th LD (E King County) – Rep. Callan
  • 11th LD (Seattle and S King County) - Rep. Berquist
  • 30th LD (S King County) – Rep. Taylor
  • 32nd LD (Seattle and N King County) – Rep Davis, Rep Ryu
  • 33rd LD (S King County) – Rep Orwall
  • 36th LD (Seattle) – Rep. Frame
  • 37th LD (Seattle and S King County) - Rep. Harris-Talley
  • 43rd LD (Seattle) – Rep Macri
  • 45th LD (E King County) – Rep. Goodman
  • 46th LD (Seattle and N King County) – Rep. Pollet (lead sponsor!), Rep. Valdez
  • 48th LD (E King County) – Rep Walen

No one has co-sponsored from these districts:

(Legislators can still support the bill even if they don't co-sponsor. For instance, support if it comes through a committee they sit on; talk about it during caucus meetings; work with leadership to bring it to a vote; and of course, vote for it! But co-sponsoring a bill signals to colleagues that it is a priority)

You can look up your legislative district and representatives here:


About the Inclusion Matters! campaign

Inclusion matters – in health care, housing, education, and more. When legislators support bills that promote inclusion, they help build communities where everyone feels like they belong, have membership, and are welcome to participate.

This campaign spotlights big ideas to that promote inclusion and lets you know who supports them.

How can you help? If you support the bill, ask your legislators to help get it passed.

Note: Don't just ask them to vote for it. There is a lot of work that goes into passing a bill. Ask them co-sponsor, talk about it in caucus meetings, or support it if comes through a committee they sit on.