Jennifer Karls

Director since 2015

Jennifer is originally from Idaho, has lived in Redmond for 24 years with her husband David and their two children. Jennifer is a driven advocate for children with disabilities and their families. Her daughter has a development disability and has received special education services in public school for more than 10 years. Jennifer has been active in creating opportunities for parents to connect to one another and to increase their understanding of the system of education in our schools. She founded the Bellevue Special Needs PTA and has mentored the creation of several other special needs focused PTA's across the state. She has been active in PTA leadership in her children's schools, as well as serving as President of the Bellevue PTSA Council and on multiple committees and collaboratives. Jennifer also co-founded a grassroots coalition, SEL for Washington, focused on advocating for education of the whole child. She believes that everyone deserves to live in a society where they have equal access to opportunities. Jennifer is very pleased to be on the board of the Arc of King County and join the incredibly important work that they do in community.