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 There are many ways for helping us change the lives of people with I/DD and their families. You can make donations, sponsor an event or program, volunteer or even donate your talent supporting a specific project.

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Care & Respite

What are Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) hours?

Hours designated for the personal care needs of a person with a disability. The care provider can be a family member, or an agency (parents may not be the provider for children under 18). Read the rules about MPC, or watch this video which explains more. 


How can I get an assessment for MPC?

People enrolled in DDA can ask their case manager, or if they are getting 'No Paid Services' they can call 1800.974.4428 and request a CARE assessment. See below for resources explaining the assessment. 

People not eligible for DDA (or not yet enrolled) can also recieve an assessment for MPC through DSHS Home and Community Services. To get an assessment you must submit an application requesting 'long term care'. Click here for their contact details. 


What does the assessment involve? How can I prepare?

It's worthwhile taking a little bit of time to prepare for the assessment if it is the first one, or if your/your loved ones needs have changed. Three documents to help you prepare are the Assesment Memo for Adults, the Medicaid Personal Care Assessment Key and Understanding Your CARE Tool Assessment


How can I connect with other parents to discuss care and respite?

Visit Parent to Parent to find out how you can connect with parents in your area.


How can I advocate for better care and respite services in dda?

Connect with the King County Family Coalition to learn more, and participate in legislative advocacy.



Medicaid Personal Care Providers

Accept DDA Respite Hours

Child Care


Their mission is to assist and promote the development of quality respite and crisis care programs in the USA; to help families locate respite and crisis care services in their communities; and to serve as a strong voice for respite in all forums.


Community Day Camps promote an environment of inclusiveness for kids with a wide variety of ability levels. Staff partner with parents to support campers with mild to moderate disabilities, enabling them to succeed at camp.


Connects private care givers, with those seeking care. It includes a category for Special Needs Care and Assisted Living.


In-home, yard, and transportation support for all ages, including caregivers of children who have special needs (subject to volunteer availability).


Find local child care resources online, or over the phone.


Parents who have children with special needs can find personalized and in-depth information, referrals and help.


Basic information on Childcare and the ADA and links to further resources.


Support for special needs children (aged 6-18) including special needs camps and behavioral specialists who provide stabilization services, or behavioral intervention in-home, or in-school.


The DDA is responsible for determining eligibility and authorizing paid services. The DDA currently provides the following services and programs: case management, Medicaid Personal Care (MPC), residential services, residential habilitation centers, family support, dental, mental health, Voluntary Placement Foster Care program, and the Medically Intensive program. The DDA administers services on a regional basis. Region 2 is the DDA office that serves King County.


We offer four programs for adults with developmental disabilities: - Connections–comprehensive day health services, including occupational therapy and social and recreational therapies for adults, ages 30+, with moderate to profound physical and intellectual disabilities. - Young Adult Achievement Center–a classroom-like environment for young adults age 18 to 30. The Achievement Center is focused on life-long learning and skill development. - Compassionate Care–comprehensive day health services and palliative care for adults, ages 18+ with profound to severe physical and intellectual disabilities. - The Senior Club–comprehensive day health services for adults, ages 60+, with mild to moderate physical and intellectual disabilities


Camp Stand By Me is a fully accessible recreational facility providing residential summer camp and respite services for children and adults with any disability.


Easter Seals offer occasional camps, respite weekends, and more.


A public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families.


Respite and other services for older adults and individuals who have disabilities as well as caregiver support.


First Choice In-Home Care provides personalized care services and assistance with day-to-day activities to people of all ages, physical conditions and cognitive abilities.


Provide individual and rehabilitative activities through specialized programs in our adult day health centers: - Get Active Program, focusing on functional living skills (such as bathing, dressing and mobility) - Therapy Integration Mobility Education (TIME), for persons with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, helps participants integrate into a goal-oriented setting where “teachable moments” abound - Life Skills, for our most self-directed participants, focuses on safety, nutrition, health, job skills and money management


Home and Community Services is part of the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, an agency within the Department of Health and Social Services (DSHS). At the local level, HCS staff help adults who need care services but may need state funds (Medicaid) to help pay for them. Learn more about applying for Medicaid. If the person is eligible for Medicaid, an HCS case manager will work with the adult to decide what additional care is needed and develop a care plan based on his/her needs. Office Address: 1737 Airport Way S, Suite 130, Seattle, WA 98134 Mailing Address: P. O. Box 24847, Seattle, WA 98124-0847 Phone: 206-341-7750 1-800-346-9257 TTY: 1-800-833-6384


The Home Care Referral Registry matches residents who receive publicly funded in-home care services with screened and pre-qualified home care workers.